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Scottish Ancestry Tours – find out who you are?

Scottish Ancestry Tours are always very special days for our guests. Sublime Scotland is delighted to be recognised by VisitScotland as an Ancestral Ambassador. Our personalised ancestry tours are enjoyed by people from Canada, the United States and also Australia. The tours are each unique to the family, connecting each person with the landscape, history and places of their own forebears. It is a very special experience to walk in the footsteps of your own family from 200 years ago. We can help you do this by personalising your own ancestry tour. This experience is exciting and emotional and fun to be part of.   Research your family tree There is a great deal of expertise in Scotland to help with researching your family tree. VisitScotland can point you in the right direction with information. Local experts such as Jane Harris can help you find places and people you did not even know existed.

History, heritage and archaeology in 2017

2017 is a special year in Scotland. Designated as the year of History, Heritage and Archaeology there will be much to see. There is certainly a lot to celebrate and all the people who look after our ancient buildings will  help us enjoy this amazing heritage. Jackie is a steward at one of our castles and she tells us what she loves about her job here. Tours Our tours are never far away from some fantastic examples of our great castles, stately homes, and buildings such as Stanley Mills which are part of our social heritage. Just north of Perth, the visitor centre tells the story of the weaving and the people who worked in the mills. Built in 1787 we see the best example of an 18th century workplace, anywhere in the world. 200 years of cotton making with all its innovations and the impact on the local communities perfectly explained. In 2017 we will visit more than 20 of our great castles. Stirling Castle is one of the most visited and tells the story of the Stewart …